Virtual Pharmaceutical Systems Strengthening (PSS) Skills Exchange

Southeast Asia

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Dear Colleagues,

MTaPS is pleased to be hosting a Virtual Pharmaceutical Systems Strengthening (PSS) Skills Exchange for Southeast  Asia to facilitate peer-to-peer learning among participating institutions, who will share their current  PSS development approaches and highlight current capacity development gaps and challenges. Building on our  program  experience, MTaPS will present various PSS tools and learning materials it has developed and curated, combined  with shared implementation experiences. The focus will be on participants leaving with improved skills, tools, and  resources to undertake PSS activities in their context.

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About MTaPS: The USAID MTaPS program helps low- and middle-income countries strengthen their pharmaceutical systems, pivotal to better health outcomes and higher-performing health systems. The program is  implemented by a consortium of global and local partners, led by Management Sciences for Health (MSH), a global  health nonprofit. Visit to learn more.

More about the Regional workshop: 

The objectives of the regional workshop’s series are to:

i.         Understand what local organisations are doing in regard to PSS in the region, the needs they are seeking to  address, and the PSS development gaps they see.

ii.        Support local organisations to understand and apply PSS methods used by MTaPS in education/training  and/or systems strengthening opportunities that these local organizations have mandate to do.


What: The series will be delivered over a series of three interactive 2-hour virtual workshops and structured around  a peer–to-peer learning format. Topics include regulatory systems strengthening, pharmacovigilance, antimicrobial resistance containment, governance, procurement and supply chain management, finance, gender  and PSS, and health technological assessment.


When: The sessions will be delivered virtually for Southeast Asia: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, March 22-24,  2023, from 8 to 10 am Malaysia Time.


For Whom: The series will be open to all who are interested in PSS with a particular focus on academia, local  implementing partners, ministries of health, and professional associations.


1.      To participate

Use this link  to register to participate. The deadline for registration is COB March 15, 2023 (EST). 

2.      To Apply to give a Presentation

Fill the form available at this link  if you would like your organisation to  be considered to give a 10-minute presentation at the Skills Exchange. The deadline for application is COB  February  28, 2023 (EST).  

You will receive confirmation of your spot in the workshop on a rolling basis, no later than COB March 3, 2023 (EST).

Certificates of attendance will be provided if you attend all three sessions.

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